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El Dorado Pink Bourbon

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Beans or Ground
Country Colombia
Region Rondón, Boyacá 
A.S.L 1720
Producer Nemesio Borda Rojas
Process Double fermentation Anaerobic
Variety Pink Bourbon
Notes "KISS FROM A ROSE" Floral aromas, notes of lavender and pink grapefruit, creamy mouthfeel



Pink Bourbon, the Colombian coffee everyone is looking for, is a hybrid between yellow bourbon and red bourbon.  The bourbon coffee is a fragile variety and more susceptible to disease than some subspecies of coffee.  However, their subtle flavors are recognized.  The Red Bourbon and the Yellow Bourbon mutated naturally and created the Pink Bourbon.  However, being a mutation, Pink Bourbon is recessive, meaning that it easily returns back to its red and yellow counterparts.  To grow Pink Bourbon consistently, special care must be taken to isolate the seeds and hand-pick them at the exact moment of ripening, easier set than done.

This exceptional coffee is best enjoyed in a filter preparation.  For filter preparations, we recommend a preparation with 10 grams per cup of 120 ml, grinding medium to coarse (7-9 Ek grinder) and leaving 3.5 to 4 minutes to extract.




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