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El Dorado GESHA

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Beans or Ground
Country Colombia
Region Pereira,Risaralda
A.S.L 1950
Producer Marco Echeverry
Process Natural Anaerobic
Variety Gesha
Notes Hibiscus/Jasmin/Passion fruit


Our EL DORADO line offers you the best of the best - the most exclusive specialty coffees.  EL DORADO is named after the legendary Colombian king of the Muisca people who covered himself with gold dust and submerged in Lake Guatavita.  Here we present you a Gesha coffee, with natural fermentation from the farm Las Nubes, in Pereira, department of Risaralda, Colombia.  Marco Echeverry is the first generation of coffee growers, he started three years ago.  He has been trained by Café y Procesos and Hernando Tapasco in cultivation techniques, agricultural practices and processing methods.  As a result, the farm produces one of the best coffees in the region.  The farm has received the name Las Nubes because part of the day the farm is covered by clouds and it rains almost every day.  Pickers pick the color grade desired (ripe fruits with reddish tones, purple and orange color) for which they receive honest compensation.  After harvesting, the cherries are placed in small containers (33 kg of fresh cherries per container) and rest for 150 hours.  Because of the cold weather, the fermentation temperature does not exceed 20 degrees Celsius.  This favors anaerobic fermentation and improves the work of the lactic and acid bacteria.  Marco only works with native microorganisms; no agents are added which are external to those produced by coffee.

For drying, solar drying is combined with the NUNA Oreador Technology:  in a first stage, the fermented cherries are placed in beds in a greenhouse for 4 days, thereafter the pre dried cherries are placed in the Oreador system that allows Marco to control time and temperature and the air flow cycle.  When the dry cherries get 25% of the moisture content, they are placed in closed cans for 4 days to rest.  The purpose is to concentrate more red fruit notes in the flavor.  Thereafter in the final stage the cherries are dried for 4 days more in the Oreador dryer.  The total cycle of drying lasts 18 days.

Cup profile notes are hibiscus, jasmin and passion fruit.

Café y Procesos cups three times before dispatch to assure quality and consistency of the cup profile.

This exceptional coffee is best enjoyed in a filter preparation.  For filter preparations, we recommend a preparation with 10 grams per cup of 120 ml, grinding medium to coarse (7-9 Ek grinder) and leaving 3.5 to 4 minutes to extract.




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