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Esmeralda SWISS BIHEMP by Diego Samuel Bermudez

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Beans or Ground
Country Colombia
Region Piendamó, Cauca
A.S.L 2100
Producer Diego Samuel Bermudez
Harvest December 2023
Process Biocatalytic Hemp Coffee
Variety Castillo
Notes Relaxing Herby 


Diego Bermudez is the man behind and a true genius, who’s constantly developing and implementing innovative ideas.  Finca El Paraiso is a family operation, and his family shares his scientific and entrepreneurial spirit.  Diego Samuel and his family have worked together to create a range of high-quality coffees with unparalleled consistency.  The focus is on implementing technologies in all aspects of coffee production. 

This coffee relates to a biocatalyctic 100% chemical free, multi-stage process and is patent pending.

Diego combines an exclusive patent pending process to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis flower in the most natural way, without using any solvent, with Finca El Paraiso's time-honored biocatalysis process and Thermal Shock technique to create an unprecedented Hemp Coffee, where the phytocannabinoids are fixed in the inner cell structure of the raw coffee bean, making the process for the production of roasted coffee with hemp safer, more efficient, more respectful to the environment and more palatable.

It is not infusion, it is science.

The problem with the infused coffees that are on the market is that, when using CBD in oil or hemp extracts, the bioavailability of these products is very low, and only 6 to 19% of the content can be assimilated by our body.  The biotechnology behind Swiss BiHemp was developed to ensure maximum bioavailability.




This exceptional coffee is best enjoyed in a filter preparation.  For filter preparations, we recommend a preparation with 8 grams per cup of 120 ml, grinding medium to coarse (7-9 EK43 grinder) and leaving 3.5 to 4 minutes to extract.


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