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Beans or Ground
Country Colombia
Region La Sierra, Medellin, Antioquia
A.S.L 1700-1800
Producer Delia Piedrahita
Harvest June 2022
Process Washed 
Variety Castillo Caturra Tipica
Notes Yellow fruits with a hint of mango-long aftertaste-creamy body


La Sierra is a neighborhood in the higher part of the city of Medellín that is known for its violent past and presence of armed gang who are disrespectful of any law or order. The documentary “Muerte en Medellín” even gives a detailed insight into the turmoil that has shaken this neighborhood. At the same time however, few has been told about the group of displaced farmers who work in the upper part of this mountainous area. These men, forced to leave their homes because of the 50-year-old armed conflict in Colombia, found refuge in La Sierra and installed themselves here with the hope of growing coffee, something many of them had already been doing their whole life. The area itself had barely been cultivated before and consists mainly of trees. With altitudes ranging from 1700 to 2200 meters above sea level, periods of excessive rain mixed with drier phases and soils full of organic material, it offers an ideal habitat to grow and cultivate a high-quality coffee. 
Moreover, the farmers see themselves forced to manually process the coffee beans in a very artisanal fashion, due to the lack of decent infrastructure for coffee production in La Sierra. All of this mixed with the love and hope that those men have put in their product day by day, has created intriguing coffees of high quality and with rich flavor profiles.
The La Sierra coffee we currently offer was wet processed. This means that first the coffee cherries or the outer skin of the coffee beans were removed by means of a machine. Afterwards the bean with its leftover mucilage was fermented for 72 hours in water to ensure that it can be entirely removed.

This coffee can be brewed for espresso or for filter.  For filter, we recommend a preparation with 50 grams of coffee, grinding medium coarse, adding 620 millilitres of water and leaving 3.20 minutes to extract.  For espresso, we recommend grinding 18 gr of coffee at a fine espresso setting.  Measure 36 - 40 g of brewed liquid in your cup in 24 - 32 seconds.


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