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Beans or Ground
Country Colombia
Region Planadas,Tolima
A.S.L 1636-1814


Dairo Reyes Rubio-Milton Jerardo-Ariel Garzon Rincon

Harvest November 2021
Certification Organically harvested/processed
Process Washed 
Variety Colombia/Castillo
Notes Chocolate/Nougat/Maple Syrup


We called this coffee Manifiesto, to honor the way Colombians respond to hardship.   No matter how hard life can be, they keep singing and dancing and being incredibly friendly.  Resilience is what strikes us in Colombia.   A Manifiesto coffee will be a coffee produced by farmers who in one way or the other have been victims of the armed conflict.

This coffee has been produced organically by the cooperative ASOPEP in Planadas, Tolima.  In the past, this region has been plagued by the armed conflict.  The region is hard to reach - as we could experience ourselves travelling there and for years nobody visited the region because it was dangerous and remote, which partly explains why there is so much organic coffee in the area.   People had to work with what they had.   

ASOPEP is the only cooperative in the region with complete coffee infrastructure to control the entirety of the processing, quality control, transportation, and commercialization and through the initiative CANUMA is constantly working on improving the commercialization of high-quality coffees. More than 300 small producers (between 23 and 79 years old) are associated with ASOPEP. More than 90 hereof are organic. As such more than 2000 ha is cultivated of which 300 ha is a nature reserve and more than 1300 ha is organically certified.  ASOPEP counts as well with experts in bird watching. ASOPEP members formed a group with former guerilla and indigenous people to participate in Sabirdfair, a big bird fair which took place in November 2021.   Reunions of this nature are big steps in the peace process. 

ASOPEP was selected in March 2022 by RAP EJE CAFETERO (organization regrouping the Coffee Triangle) as the highest quality producer of the region and as such to represent the region at the SCA Boston Expo.  

Through our direct trade relationship with ASOPEP, we support their incredible work and enable them to continue with their many wonderful projects.   We thank you very much for supporting this cause.

This coffee can be brewed for espresso or for filter.  For filter, we recommend a preparation with 50 grams of coffee, grinding medium coarse, adding 620 millilitres of water and leaving 3.20 minutes to extract.  For espresso, we recommend grinding 18 gr of coffee at a fine espresso setting.  Measure 36 - 40 g of brewed liquid in your cup in 24 - 32 seconds.


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