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Manifiesto HUILA

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Beans or Ground
Country Colombia
Region Santa Maria, Huila, Colombia
A.S.L 1600-2000
Producers Smallholders Farms
Harvest August 2022
Process Washed 
Variety Castillo Caturra Colombia
Notes Soft Plum and Sweet Melon Notes - Warm Spicy Notes and great Sweetness



In our Manifiesto line, we use coffees produced by communities that were victims of the armed conflict.  The area around Santa Maria continues to be affected by the presence of the guerillas, making it hard to produce coffee and work on improving quality. The profile of the Santa Maria showcases a balance cup with soft plum and sweet melon notes. Coffee has warm spicy notes and great sweetness - making this a multi-purpose lot ideal for both espresso and filter coffee.

This coffee was wet processed. This means that first the coffee cherries or the outer skin of the coffee beans were removed by means of a machine. Afterwards the bean with its leftover mucilage was fermented for a number of hours in water to ensure that it can be entirely removed.

.For filter, we recommend a preparation with 50 grams of coffee, grinding medium coarse, adding 620 millilitres of water and leaving 3.20 minutes to extract.  For espresso, we recommend grinding 18 gr of coffee at a fine espresso setting.  Measure 36 - 40 g of brewed liquid in your cup in 24 - 32 seconds.


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