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Beans or Ground
Country Colombia
Region Bruselas, Huila
A.S.L 1950
Producer Nestor Lasso
Process Washed Anaerobic - Thermal shock
Variety Bourbon Sidra
Notes Intense and delicate sweet passion fruit and tangerine, satin mouthfeel 


Our EL DORADO line offers you the best of the best - the most exclusive specialty coffees.  EL DORADO is named after the legendary Colombian king of the Muisca people who covered himself with gold dust and submerged in Lake Guatavita.

Have you ever taken a sip of coffee and asked yourself: Why does this taste so good? Well, for coffees like the Bourbon Sidra, it has a lot to do with the fermentation process.

So today, we’ll walk you through the process that transforms humble coffee cherries into amazing cups of Bourbon Sidra coffee. This process was developed by award-winning and experimentalist coffee producers Adrian & Nestor Lasso, proving yet again that innovation is at the heart of coffee. ✨

👣 Step 1: Harvesting
Our journey begins with the meticulous selection of the ripest cherries, ensuring only the best flavors are captured. 🍒

🕒 Step 2: Oxidative Fermentation
Freshly harvested cherries are given time to rest for 12 hours at 25 degrees celsius. This crucial phase starts the process, allowing a natural fermentation to begin. 🧪

🔐 Step 3: Anaerobic Fermentation
Next, we plunge the cherries into a world without oxygen. Sealed in plastic bags at a cool 16-18 degrees Celsius for 60 hours, this controlled environment enhances the development of complex flavors.🛡️

🍯 Step 4: The Honey Process
After the cherries have been fermented, they're depulped, leaving the sweet mucilage intact. This step, akin to the “honey process,” sees the cherries submerged in their own juicy extract for another 32 hours, adding depth and sweetness to the profile. 🍯

🌞 Step 5: Drying
The beans are finally dried over 20 to 29 days at temperatures no higher than 30 degrees Celsius. This slow drying ensures the humidity strikes the perfect balance, preserving the intensity and purity of flavors. ☀️🍃

This layered approach to fermentation magnifies the coffee's body and accentuates a symphony of tastes, from the bright acidity to the smooth, sweet undertones. It's an art and science, capturing the essence of the Bourbon Sidra variety in every cup.

🏆 The result? A coffee that’s not just drunk, but experienced. A testament to innovation and tradition.

This exceptional coffee is best enjoyed in a filter preparation.  For filter preparations, we recommend a preparation with 10 grams per cup of 120 ml, grinding medium to coarse (7-9 Ek grinder), and leaving 3.5 to 4 minutes to extract.




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