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Fuerza CHOCO

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Beans or Ground
Country Colombia
Region Carmen de Atrato, Chocó
A.S.L 1700-1900

Process Washed 
Variety Castillo Catimor
Notes Sugar cane, orange citrus, aromatic green tea, cacao



Choco is the only Colombian department to have coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.    Chocó has a diverse geography, unique ecosystems and unexploited natural resources.  However, its population has one of the lowest standards of living of all departments of Colombia.  A major factor is the rugged, montane rainforest environment, limiting any infrastructure improvements to the region.  Historically a region which has suffered a lot from Colombia's violent past, we are thrilled to sell a coffee from this region and highlight its potencial.

This coffee can be brewed for espresso or for filter.  For filter, we recommend a preparation with 50 grams of coffee, grinding medium coarse, adding 620 millilitres of water and leaving 3.20 minutes to extract.  For espresso, we recommend grinding 18 gr of coffee at a fine espresso setting.  Measure 36 - 40 g of brewed liquid in your cup in 24 - 32 seconds.


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