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El Dorado OMBLIGON by Nestor Lasso

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Beans or Ground
Country Colombia
Region Bruselas, Huila
A.S.L 1950
Producer Nestor Lasso
Process Natural Anaerobic - Thermal shock
Variety Ombligon
Notes Extraterrestrial red cherry candy


Our EL DORADO line offers you the best of the best - the most exclusive specialty coffees. EL DORADO is named after the legendary Colombian king of the Muisca people who covered himself with gold dust and submerged in Lake Guatavita.

Straight from the verdant landscapes of Huila, Colombia, Ombligon is a rare arabica variety whose origins remain a mystery. Fondly named after its unique shape - resembling a "belly button" in English - Ombligon is a coffee that paints a complex tapestry of flavors and textures. 🇨🇴🌄

While it shares traits with native Colombian species like Caturra - wide leaves, closely grown cherries, and high yields, Ombligon could be a natural mutation of other varieties such as Pacamara, Bourbon, or even Castillo, mostly attributed to its high yield potential and resistance to coffee leaf rust. 🌿

The special fermentation process of these Ombligon beans was developed by none other than Nestor Lasso. This process is what produces these award-winning beans:

1. Careful handpicking of the ripest Ombligon cherries🌱

2. Placed in bags, the cherries embark on a 48-hour oxidation adventure, followed by a 12-hour rest.

3. A 60-hour oxidation stage follows, after which the bags of cherries are left open to increase the temperature inside them.⏳

4. To harmonize the internal and external temperatures, the cherries are bathed in 32°C water💦.

5. Sealed in plastic tanks, the cherries undergo an anaerobic fermentation process.

7. To conclude this epic journey, the cherries are washed in 60°C water, halting the fermentation. They're then gently dried, locking in those complex, captivating flavors. ☀️

From tree to cup, the process of creating Ombligon coffee is a meticulous labor of love that results in a cup of coffee like no other. This exceptional coffee is best enjoyed in a filter preparation.  For filter preparations, we recommend a preparation with 10 grams per cup of 120 ml, grinding medium to coarse (7-9 Ek grinder), and leaving 3.5 to 4 minutes to extract.




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